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we were probably all thinking it…

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Steve/Tony Fic Rec’s 

  • Masterlist - This is a list of over 200 Steve/Tony fics. Organized by rating and then descending order by length. It’s a googledoc so it’s in an easy to read format. 

  • My Favorites - If you’d never read any Steve/Tony and asked me for recs, i’d give you this. It’s a nice starting point, I tried to include a nice variety of recs. (all lengths and ratings)

  • bottom!Steve - I have a weakness. And that weakness is bottom!Steve. As far as I can tell, this is allllll the bottom!steve in the entire fandom. Read it. Love it. Write more of it. (LINK ME TO IT IF YOU FIND MORE! :D)

  • Not on AO3 - because of the downfall of delicious, it has become harder to search for fic that isn’t archived on AO3. So if you think you’ve read everything on AO3, maybe you’ll find something here you haven’t read yet! 

(If you have never used googledocs before, when you open the document you’ll be listed as an anonymous user. No one, not even me, can see who you are. Double-clicking on a link with open the link in a new tab through a re-direct. Both are safety features.)

I WILL be updating the list and will mark new recs with an asterisk. Let me know if you have any problems with the lists and feel free to share. Enjoy! :)

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I ship them so hard. 

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/shoves more stevetony into the dash

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regulussblack answered your question: 


This was going to show off a lot more but I’m obviously rusty when it comes to drawing porn so it didn’t really work out and I cropped like half of it and yeah

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The Avengers as Star Wars characters:

INT: Is it hard to give every character a decent share of screen time?
WHEDON: I think the whole point of a team movie is to explain why every member is there, so it’s about getting those moments for each character. I think we end up identifying with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), he’s our intro into the modern world — because he’s only recently joined it. Sometimes we refer to him as Luke Skywalker … but obviously a lot less whiny.
INT: Does that mean you’ve got a Han Solo?
WHEDON: Well, that would be Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)!



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Land of the Lost: steve/tony--chivalry isn't dead


It’s cute at first.

Steve holds doors open for him, pulls out his chair when they grab a bite to eat. He stands when Tony excuses himself to the bathroom and sits when Tony leaves. He even insists on paying the bill, even though Tony is Tony Stark.

It rains one day and Steve gives Tony his…

ohmygod this is cute. 

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